Innovative Activities from Winash Care Home Clevedon

Boccia balls

BOCCIA is a paralympic team sport. In a national initiative, organised as a legacy of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in conjunction with Age Concern, we have been training our staff to play and including it in our activities.

Boccia has gone down really well with our residents, all can take part, and we have found that everyone enjoys the competitive nature of the game.  One of our residents has become chief scorer, however members of the opposing team are keen to ensure that this is done correctly!

lady throwing boccia ballman throwing boccia ballThe game has gone down so well that it has become a weekly activity within our Care Home with 10 members taking part regularly from week to week.

Our other exciting activity that is going down very well with residents is drama. Following our very successful Nativity play, our residents want to tackle a pantomine. So we have adapted Cinderella to create an age appropriate and humorous version of the classic story line. Residents have read through it and look forward to working on it during July. The performance will take place in July; tickets of course will be scarce and probably only available on the black market…..


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